[JonChristopher at a local radio station]

I am just a man trying to fulfill the calling on my life; below is my story.

In Elementary school I became fascinated with espionage and was determined to serve in the intelligence community any way I could. After visiting with the FBI one day, I left with the encouragement to enter the field of Cyber spying (espionage). In all honesty, I did not really desire to work in that area. My next stop was Hollywood. From later in Elementary school to early in middle school I was pursuing a career as a singer and actor.

My generation seems obsessed with celebrity culture more so than previous generations, but that is probably an exaggeration. For me that obsession came to a screeching halt on Thursday, June 25th 2009. Up until then I had auditioned for television shows and was told by those I met in the industry to keep going; I could have done so and had a nice career, but I decided against it. Many people talk about how dark the entertainment industry is, but respectfully most people do not know how dark it really is. With what I had learned I decided to turn my back on that dream. The truth was there even when I tried to deny it.

Looking back on the “Hollywood era” of my life, I realized that my desire to be a part of celebrity culture was not so much for the career, but because of the fact that Hollywood socialites have influence. Just imagine if more Hollywood celebrities did not act as a monolithic group, but allowed diverse views to change society for the better. I had to ask myself why it seems that any celebrity who voices thoughts outside the Hollywood mainstream can have their career shattered. I could not in good conscience continue pursuing a Hollywood career knowing that I would need to be a puppet or watered down version of myself.

At the age of 11 on Thursday June 25th 2009, I began asking questions. These questions were the start of my journey to become a journalist and at that time I didn’t even know it. I was blessed to be able to talk with many government and military personnel. The consensus among these people was that a large portion of people do not know how corrupt the government really is. Interestingly enough, I believed history to be a boring subject of low importance until that point; now that I knew the truth I received a new found love of the subject, specifically for the Founding Fathers.

While I began my research and journalism work in 2009, it did not become truly focused and serious until the summer of 2015. On January 31st 2017, I registered The Truth War as a professional press organization and I launched our official website on Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

Therefore, it is my belief that we can accomplish what God was doing in the Founding Fathers by holding onto morality, rejecting the divide of the two party system and embracing Classical Liberalism (Libertarianism) as held by the Founding Fathers.

The Truth War’s mission statement

To rediscover the United States of America as God intended through the Founding Fathers by holding power accountable.

The Truth War’s vision statement

The Republic that God created through the Founding Fathers will be restored. Government corruption will be crippled; party politics will no longer control the nation. The press will be truly free and independent. The press will do what it was meant to do, hold power accountable.

I use to host The Truth War with JonChristopher “Jayman” Alan Collins on Spreaker.com which is based in San Francisco California. Now you can find my show and all of my other journalistic work on this site and YouTube.