Why Call it The Truth War? Three Reasons

When I started journalism, I began by hosting a broadcast starting around 2009. It started out with the name Lets Talk; it was a pop culture, entertainment focused production. After awhile, I changed that same show’s name to The Jayman Show (Jayman was a DJ nickname I used). Following a soul search, I wanted a title that wasn’t centered around me or pop culture. First: From junior high through high school, I remember having conversations with other students about truth; some, in fact many of them held that objective truth is nonexistent. Instead of objective truth, I was told that “my opinions” and “my truth” are what mattered. At the same time, these same people accepted “facts” and “information” as valid. This contributed to me calling this, The Truth War.

Second: With that, I had come to realize that my battle, debate, war, or whatever you want to call it, was and is not with these individuals but with their concept of truth and what was influencing that concept. Whether those are spiritual or non spiritual influences, I had to look beyond the person and see what was influencing them. This too paid contribution to the name The Truth War. Political Socialization is a great topic of study to look at influences of belief.

Third: Political Ideology, specifically the bias and divide that follows it, can be seen just by reading, listening to, or watching media. Biases themselves, while not inherently bad, taint civil discourse and  journalism when they are not restrained. The political, ideological divides of political parties serve to make dispassionate journalism near impossible; this is true regardless of an individual journalist’s personal political bend or a news organization’s political majority. Journalism should not have a political agenda behind it but it should function to hold power accountable and inform the public. Individual journalists and news organizations of the mainstream and independent veins alike do not appear to hold to this. Instead, they push ideologies and divide themselves; some of these same journalists have allowed their personality, opinions, and commentary to overshadow the truth. Their seems to be a mixed battle of opinions, information, facts, alternative facts, and ideology rather than a pursuit of truth and a war against corruption and with the light of truthful journalism to inform the public.

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